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The main objective of this website is to serve as a communication tool of different activities initiated by the Territorial Coaching Programme; it is a big database of documents about activities related to territorial coaching. It also provides a schedule for upcoming events, a photo gallery of our articles and those related to society



It is a process of ownership and empowerment in the service of local players and structures. This process is based on the valorization of the present forces, on the improvement of human relations and on the good management of behaviours. In this respect, the first experiments conducted in Morocco have yielded very good results.

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Le Coaching Territorial est une démarches d’appropriation (ownership) et de responsabilisation (empowerment) au service des structures locales et des acteurs locaux. Ce processus est basé sur la valorisation des forces en présence, l’amélioration des relations humaines et la bonne gestion des comportements. Les premières expériences menées au Maroc montrent des résultats très positifs.

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